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WEEKS 6 & 7 COMMENTARY, RESULTS & SCORES Two weeks to report back this week (though Division 1 had half-term off), so 10 games played since my last scribblings  [quick disclaimer: I haven't recovered the sheet for Thursday's game so Smilers v Newcomers will be in next week].  Notable scores include new highest totals in both Divisions - Big 'Uns (186) & Freewheelers (183) - and a new low for Div 1 - Lads' Night Out (132). Game of the week came in the top flight, with Big 'Uns and Royal Albrites hitting the highest game total so far in a closely fought contest.  Somehow, Big 'Uns contrived to lose this one 6-4, despite winning the pins 186-181.  Bert Lovegrove struck 35, with Mark Hoskins countering with 34 for the Royals. Elsewhere scores were fairly middling, with Dave Quinn helping Gutter Nutters to a 6-4 win over Last Six & Remnants beating Nikkers 7-3, despite a 12 spare from Mike Axenderrie.  BS2 crushed Lads' Night Out 8-2 with the Lads' plumbing new depths to hit a season- low across both divisions.  The game was notable for 36s from Rob Wadsworth & your correspondent (with my 12 spare saving LNO’s blushes to win 2 points) but mainly for Richard Masters’ tremendous 8 (without hitting a zero). In the second Division, Freewheelers continued their domination with 8-2 wins over Black Saints & Alsorts.  The Sorts redeemed themselves by defeating Newcomers by the same score,with their opponents equalling the lowest total in Div 2.  The Queen's Flight were involved in two close games, beating Late Knights 6-4 and drawing with Black Saints - on both occasions they managed to lose the pins but still come out with a result.
Weeks 6 & 7 Results
Weeks 6 & 7 High Scores
36 Alan Pointer (Lads' Night Out) Dave Quinn (Gutter Nutters) Rob Wadsworth (BS2) 35 Bert Lovegrove (Big 'Uns) 34 Mark Hoskins (Royal Albrites)