ABM SKITTLES CLUB                       Wallingford Sports Park | Hithercroft Road | Wallingford | OX10 9RB
LAST WEEK’S COMMENTARY, RESULTS & SCORES Gutter Nutters held on to top spot in Div 1 again this week, as they overcame Last Six 6-4 in a close game - Dave Quinn led the way with his 33.  Royal Albrites are coming up fast on the rails after they crushed Big 'Uns 10-0.  Big 'Uns had a bit of a 'mare, truth be told, and the pin count was 40 in their opponents favour, thanks in part to 34 from Stuart Pike.  Matt Wright hit the third 40+ score of the season as Lads' Night Out beat BS2 6-4.  This was another close one, with Pete Abery & Norman Yates countering with 33s for BS2 as the game went down to the last throw.  Nikkers had only their second win of the season, 7-3, as they look to escape the relegation slots.   Remnants hit their lowest score of the year in this one, despite Bos Edwards knocking over 33 pins. In the second tier, Freewheelers hit their lowest score so far, but still managed to overpower Alsorts 8-2.  Mark Grainger hit 33 for the 'Sorts, but their pin total was also a new low.  Not to be outdone, Newcomers toppled just 126 pins as they were pulverised by Maclean Smilers 10-0, in the process taking the all division low-score crown from Late Knights.  Sunisa Dodd hit more than a quarter of their total (32), whilst Alex Cumming toppled 34 for the Smilers. In Div 2's other game, Black Saints lost the pins but won the war, beating The Queen's Flight 6-4.  Lee Darling hit 34 for The Flight in this one.
Individual High Scores
40 Matt Wright (Lads' Night Out) 34 Alex Cumming (Maclean Smilers) Lee Darling (Queen's Flight) Stuart Pike (Royal Albrites)
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