ABM Skittles Club

Based at Hithercroft Sports Park, Wallingford

Updated Sunday, October 15, 2017

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Graeme Gillan hit 35 and Dave Quinn toppled 34 but Gutter Nutters lost 4-6 to Nikkers, thanks to Derek Wilkins’ 36. They also lost 4-6 to Freewheelers later in the week. The Wheelers had Charlie (36) and Leafy (35) Lee to thank for the victory

Best Sellers II managed to achieve two 6-4 victories as they beat Last Six, followed by Cholsey Royals later in the week

Surprise of the week was the defeat of Albrites by newly promoted Remnants, but Remnants deserved their victory as they hit 184, the highest team total of the season so far. Jeremy Denton hit 36 for Albrites

When you say that “it’s a strange game” I feel that we need to look at Mike Rooke’s first three games. The first spare of the season (12) was followed by a five leg total of just 17 in his next game. Fast forward to last week and in the second leg Mike hits a 13 spare in the second leg to total 39, a season high! Unfortunately, his Black Saints team lost 4-6 to Lads’ Night Out who hit a division high (so far) total of 180

In the other game played last week, Sue Brown set her team (The Queen’s Flight) off with a zero in the first leg versus Mclean Smilers. So as not to make her feel bad, husband Mick followed her with another zero. They lost that leg, along with one other, drawing two, as they lost 4-6 to the Smilers