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WEEKS 10 & 11 COMMENTARY, RESULTS & SCORES Apologies for the delay to the league updates for the last week or two - moving house has got in the way of vital Skittles statto-work..  It has to be said that there have been some big results & performances, so sorry in advance if I don't pick them out in this blurb - it's already late enough.  In terms of the tables, it remains close in both divisions with 3 or 4 teams in it in the top flight; in Div 2, Freewheelers, Alsorts & Maclean Smilers look to be in the promotion tangle at the moment. Results-wise, in Division 1, Royal Albrites suffered their first loss of the season - Remnants rolled them over 8-2, with David Walters & Andy Bell top-scoring in their 189 pin total.  Jeremy Denton's 36 was all in vain.  Big 'Uns had a chunky win over Nikkers (8-2) and Gutter Nutters thrashed a skipper-less Lads' Night Out 9-1. Remnants' good work was all undone when they were toppled 9-1 by BS2, helped by John Wadsworth's 36.  In the second tier, Maclean Smilers whitewashed Black Saints before taking 8 points from The Queen's Flight - the latter despite Matt Burnett's 39 with a 12 spare.  Alsorts beat Newcomers 8-2 before taking all the spoils against Late Knights, with the best score (189) in the division this season.  Individual performance of the week came from Callum Coupar who hit a 14- spare in his 39 pins, which meant Freewheelers beat Newcomers 7-3.
Weeks 10 & 11 Results Highlights
Weeks 10 & 11 High Scores
39 Matt Burnett (Queen's Flight) Callum Coupar (Freewheelers) 38 Richard Williams (Maclean Smilers) 37 David Walters (Remnants) 36 Andy Bell, Jeremy Denton, Mark Hoskins, Steve Lee, Lottie Mills, John Wadsworth