ABM SKITTLES CLUB                       Wallingford Sports Park | Hithercroft Road | Wallingford | OX10 9RB
2019/20 Season Wrap-up Back in late March 2020 the country went into a national lockdown. For some unknown reason, skittles was not exempt and, mainly due to social distancing measures and personal worries over dirty balls, the season was never finished. The committee has unanimously agreed that the tables and averages at time of lockdown should stand as the final results. This was ratified at the captains’ meeting held on Wednesday 22nd September. This means that: Gutter Nutters are Division 1 champions with Royal Albrites finishing as runners up. In Division 2 there was an issue that Alsorts still had a couple of games in hand on the leaders but, with a points deficit of 18 and a lower average, it was decided to award the title to Freewheelers. Alsorts, therefore, finish in 2nd place. Individually, Dave Quinn topped the Division 1 averages ahead of Rob Wadsworth and Mark Grainger just beat Matt Burnett to win the 2nd Division averages. The 2021/22 season gets under way on Monday 1st November. There will be just one division, a decision that was unanimously agreed by the 12 team captains at their meeting on 22nd September.
Week 4 Results
Week 4 Top Individual Scores
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